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Educator Testimonials 


Debra Lee, Educator 

Coxsackie High School, Coxsackie NY

“Through individual and personalized yoga and meditation sessions with Agni, I gained life-changing skills that improved both my physical and mental well-being. In her program, Agni leads her students to an increased understanding of the self through the practice of yoga, meditation, and breathing. By practicing with Agni, I was able to increase my physical strength, flexibility, energy, patience, decision making and the ability to tap into a sense of calm whenever I am experiencing a feeling of unease. Agni is a pillar of strength; a gentle and disciplined instructor dedicated to helping others access vital wellness tools for daily survival.” 

Brooke Jackson, Principal

NYC Lab School for Collaboration

"Agni Zotis, through her specific and overlapping method ranging from Mindfulness to Meditation to Visual Arts (multi-media) has added substantially and uniquely to our overarching project of Wellness and Emotional Safety for all our students. Agni’s approach is one of beautification of inner and outer spaces. This makes keen sense to our adolescents who want very much to be guided as they illuminate what’s going on inside and express in ways that are beneficial in the short and long term. With Agni as their trusted coach and facilitator, Lab students study and engage in various research-based methodologies of Mindfulness.


They paint, breathe, stretch, journal, meditate, practice active listening, design murals, and act as urban naturalists in downtown Manhattan. We very much see this piece of Mindfulness as an essential link in our approach to 21st Century education. Agni is a perfect fit for our school community as she recognizes this approach must be woven into the fabric of Lab—not a tag on or an afterthought. After all, being present in our bodies, in ourselves, in our communities, in our lives is the only way to change and grow. And, positive transformation—individually and globally--is the work of public education."

Heidi Slatkin, Teacher 

NYC Lab School for Collaboration

"I've invited Agni back to work with my 10th graders for five day workshop session, after working with her this past fall as well. Young people are always looking for philosophical and spiritual answers to their deep questions, but rarely know how to look inside, and struggle with self-knowledge. Agni's method of questioning to illuminate my students underlying big concerns, coupled with her presentation of ideas to shift perspective, and her method of meditation practice is well received by my students, and truly helps all of us be more loving and patient with one another, and with ourselves.  I am thankful that my principal prioritizes the mental health of all our students in order to make room in the curriculum for this important long-term investment in their lives.I am the secret biggest learner in the room! I am reminded (even though I know - the gentle repetition is practice in habit) who I want to be, what I am triggered by, and how I can practice being my best self. I am more and more gentle with everyone, and also in some ways, more demanding in the long run. All by watching myself from a little bit of non judgmental distance".


Ben Newman, Teacher

LAB High School NYC

"I loved our time.  Agni was a great added resource to my Wellness classes.  With her guidance my students learned about mindfulness skills and meditation practices which they were able to bring into all areas of their life.  Thank you Agni for tapping into this critical area of need for my students!"

Student Testimonials 


Adrian Burke, Senior

Binghanton University 

"Meditation is the best thing I've ever learned. If meditation were taught in elementary schools there would be monumental benefit to society. Meditation is key to understanding ones own mind, which is key to living a fulfilling life".


Jack Zittel, Senior

NYC Lab School 

"I definitely suffer from anxiety, and the breathing and meditation exercises have helped me a huge amount. That's really the key to my success. I loved to be able to go inside myself and learn to live and value each individual moment. Kids nowadays are too fast paced and I think that every school in the country deserves this." 


Rose, Junior

NYC Lab School

"I learned a lot about myself; about choice, and about how experiencing emotions, good and bad is essential to being and feeling balanced and whole. I have also learned how to pick myself up and choose to feel good again." 


Luc, Junior

NYC Lab School 

"It gives me a better sense of myself and the world around me and I appreciate the time and the effort you put into teaching us these incredibly valuables life lessons. I feel like I understand myself better and have more control over my emotions." 


Khalid, Junior

NYC Lab School

"I've learned that I can make my own choices and that I can use my breath to help me. I will carry that on with me as I get older and proceed with my life." 

Luring, 7th grade Middle school

“This class is very interesting I like learning what you have to say because it opens my mind to so many different ideas and possibilities. I like the physical activity very much because it makes me feel peaceful and refreshed at the end. I also love the meditation. I feel very connected to myself. Love”

Parker, 6th grade, Middle School
“This class gives me a sense of peace and awareness and gave me a new outlook on the world how even the smallest thing like a flower can hold the greatest importance.”

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