MAY Workshop

Weeklong Course

Each day of this five-day course builds on the previous, introducing self-reflection strategies, active discussions, mindfulness practices, breath work, yoga, and art projects. On completion of the workshop, students have a deeper understanding of themselves, mindfulness practice and connection to their community.  

MAY Full Semester & After School Program  

MAY Full Semester

MAY Curriculum is based on a 18-week semester. The language is tailored to specific age groups to cultivate self-awareness, wellness practice, human mechanics based on science, nutrition and effect on body and mind, stress management, emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion, patience, kindness, connectivity and community. In 45-minute sessions, students participate in:

  • Yoga

  • Breath work

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Discussions on science based human mechanics 

  • Art and the creative process (i.e. poetry, journaling, murals, drawing, painting, music etc.)

    On completion of the program, students gain a sense of self-empowerment, tools for stress management, mindfulness practice and a deeper sense of connection to their classmates and community.

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MAY Kids aims to empower and awaken youth to the idea that we are the designers and engineers of their own lives, through emotions, thoughts and actions. We build community, using a discussion-based model. We facilitate breath work, guided mindfulness practice, yoga sequences, and collaborative creative projects to foster self awareness and develop emotional intelligence. Through these exercises, youth learn to de-stress, become connected to their self and to each other,  and to be in control of their personal experience. Encouraging thoughts of gratitude, kindness, compassion, love, communication, nutrition, sustainability, and leadership for a  better quality of life. MAY teaches applicable tools valuable for life. 

Adrian, Binghamton University 

"Meditation is the best thing I've ever learned. If meditation were taught in elementary schools there would be monumental benefit to society. Meditation is key to understanding ones own mind, which is key to living a fulfilling life"

Luc, Junior, High School

"It gives me a better sense of myself and the world around me and I appreciate the time and the effort you put into teaching us these incredibly valuables life lessons. I feel like I understand myself better and have more control over my emotions."


Luring, 7th grade Middle school

“This class is very interesting I like learning what you have to say because it opens my mind to so many different ideas and possibilities. I like the physical activity very much because it makes me feel peaceful and refreshed at the end. I also love the meditation. I feel very connected to myself. Love”

Jack, Senior, High School

"I definitely suffer from anxiety, and the breathing and meditation exercises have helped me a huge amount. That's really the key to my success. I loved to be able to go inside myself and learn to live and value each individual moment. Kids nowadays are too fast paced and I think that every school in the country deserves this."

Parker, 6th grade, Middle School
“This class gives me a sense of peace and awareness and gave me a new outlook on the world how even the smallest thing like a flower can hold the greatest importance.”