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We recognize the unique needs of youth globally and the essential role emotional intelligence, the creative process, and self-awareness play in their holistic development. As young individuals navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected world, equipping them with these vital skills becomes imperative for their personal growth, resilience, and success.

We are committed to providing youth globally with the resources, guidance, and opportunities to develop emotional intelligence, engage in the creative process, and cultivate self-awareness. By incorporating these pillars into education systems, youth programs, and community initiatives, we aim to empower young individuals to thrive in a rapidly evolving world, where emotional resilience, creative thinking, and a strong sense of self are indispensable. ART in particular has a community effect that transcends all concepts and boundaries. Being creative allows for everyone to join in and build together. 

We are committed to bringing MAY's wellness vision globally. We have 75,000 kids globally participated in our programming. We facilitate the needs of schools and educational communities around the world. We offer online courses. Along with our programming, we support art classes and art supply in disadvantage communities.

One of the many MAY's global programs is in Rishikesh, India. Since 2016 we are nurturing MAY's mission at Ashram Narayanan and other local schools. We started the program with one journal and 6 pencils and realized the hunger for art and expression. We support and provide art supplies and art lessons to the youth and their educators to facilitate and continue the creative process.  

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