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MAY provides educators with applicable tools for wellbeing to prevent burn out and engage in heart-centered work with their students. Educators have one of the most important and challenging jobs as they directly influencers their pupils.

Breath techniques, mindfulness, yoga, and creative gratitude process allows educators to enhance their own wellness and cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Such tools cultivate community and improve relationships in classrooms. MAY Teachers receive a detailed MAY Kids Curriculum to support themselves and their students. We work with schools and educational organizations to create an experience that is tailored to their particular needs. MAY supports educators short and long term to achieve their goals. We certify educators to provide interactive instruction and guidance to create positive change in their lives.

Full Semester Training

MAY Kids Transform coaches educators in a wellness life style. We all teach what we know. We work with individual communities either in person or online, by addressing the specific needs of the community. Over a time period, we meet once a week and train in breath work, mindfulness, yoga, and creative process as gratitude journaling. Through this work, educators develop a personal mindfulness practice for health and stress management and cultivate emotional intelligence. This allows teachers to show up at their best and most importantly, connect with their students, by fostering similar techniques in their classroom. 

During this 1.5 hour in person workshop, educators are led through a guided mindfulness practice, learn breathing techniques, yoga poses, and a creative process based on gratitude. The workshop cultivates connection between the body and mind to encourage wellness. These practices support self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and decrease stress and anxiety. Teachers will gain principles that they can use for the rest of their lives, in and outside of the classroom. 

Day-Long Intensive


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