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In a world oversaturated with misleading information and sensory input, it is difficult to make sense of what is valuable and reliable. There are constant demands on our wellbeing and attention constricting our happiness and ability to focus. These issues are compounded along with social pressures of high demands for constant production and performance. Our society dilutes the inherent sense of presence and curiosity that we are naturally endowed. 


Evidence shows a rise in depression, anxiety, suicide and violence. According to the CDC, the rate of suicide for those ages 10 to 24 increased nearly 60% between 2007 and 2018. The CDC reported that suicide was the second leading cause of death among people ages 10-34 in 2018. 

  • Covid has exasperated family dysfunction through the added stress and uncertainty. Anxiety around pandemic shutdown-related financial struggles, constant bad news and health-related worries can also transfer to the whole family. 

  • The isolation has further pushed us into alienation and we need wellness tools to cope.

  • This crisis is a wakeup call to empower ourselves and manage our body and mental health. 


It is evident that this generation’s unmet emotional needs have to be addressed. How do we establish a base to start healing? We are here to help. 


MAY Founder, Agni Zotis took a personal interest in youth suffering when her son Francis, at age fourteen received two phone calls from friends, who were institutionalized after suicide attempts. Agni and Francis both realized that self-harm amongst youth had reached epidemic proportions.  Teaching youth applicable tools as breath work, mindfulness, creative process for emotional intelligence helps transform negative mindsets.  MAY's mission is to cultivate community and a more optimist outlook of life through empowering individuals to take action for their own well being. MAY's a curriculum is developed by Agni's 20 years of experience in teaching youth and supported by youth, therapists, educators. 


MAY grew out of the need for youth and educators to find their voice, strength, and sense of connection. MAY fosters wellness and community building. A core philosophy of MAY is mental and emotional literacy. Students and educators are empowered to find their truth and make sense of their environments. MAY cultivates gratitude, love and creativity with understanding of the self,  others, the environment, including our earth.  We enhance education as we believe these are fundamental skills for thriving in the modern world and creating a better quality of life. 

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