MAY Kids Transform


MAY Kids Transform empowers

youth and educators through

Mindfulness, Art and Yoga.

The program teaches applicable tools to foster 

self awareness, emotional intelligence and creative process for stress and health management and to enhance daily experience and quality of life to thrive. 

“Like a seed, human life has the potential to grow    and blossom fully if given the right resources”

Video message from our youth at LAB High School 


Mindfulness is the nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment.  Mindfulness develops the understanding and management of one's mind through awareness of the breath, body, environment, thoughts, and emotions. These practices have been shown to improve attention, emotional intelligence, compassion, and empathy. 



Creative projects allow for self-exploration and self-expression. Collective projects fosters community and connection. Through art, we learn in a concrete, visceral way that we are creators of our own lives.



Through a combination of yoga postures and breath techniques, people become stronger, more flexible, and more balanced. By learning how to manage the breath, the mind and body creates wellbeing. These practices reduce stress and anxiety and increase a sense of control and health.

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MAY kids in the studio
MAY Kids
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Through the transformational combination of mindfulness, art, and yoga, students experience:

  • self awareness

  • emotional intelligence

  • state of relaxation 

  • sense of empowerment

  • general well-being

  • community connection

  • anxiety

  • anger

  • stress

  • self-judgement

  • depression

  • isolation

MAY Kids Transform combines mindfulness, art and yoga as tools for youth to self-reflect, manage emotions, develop emotional intelligence, self awareness, 

de-stress, and develop community.

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MAY Kids Transform

offers professional development to educators, training them to use the tools of mindfulness, art, and yoga for self care and to not burn out and to effectively engage their students the classroom.

MAY Kids Transform

needs your support to continue to expand its work. Please consider making a donation to support this transformational feel good work.

Albert Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe”.

   You can become the master of your universe and create the life you want by shifting your thoughts and emotions!

Agni Zotis and a message for a new curriculum written during Covid lockdown for stress and health management 

                                                       KNOW THYSELF IN LOVE AND FEAR 

During Covid19 and global crisis we moved our teaching online as our youth and educators are in greater need now more than ever for stress management and wellness tools.  Connect with us and lets know how we can empower  your community.